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Our Policies.

Mayank Domestic and International Movers follows specific policies for moving official belongings and household belongings, and vehicles of customers. Some of these policies include payment policies, work policies, and privacy policies. Some of these policies may change from time to time. You can always check the policy on this website and update your information accordingly.

Privacy Policy

Our company follows certain privacy policies that discuss the collection and handling of customer information. We collect customer names, addresses, phone numbers etc. We do this to protect the privacy of our users as well as the reputation of our business. Our policies are transparent, and we provide customers with a privacy policy that clearly explains how we collect, use, store and share customer information. These policies can help build trust between a company and its users, which is vital to a successful business model. We never break the trust and privacy of the customers and never let them walk away from using the service by disappointing them.

Working Policy

Our work policy is to make the staff highly skilled and experienced and ensure that they have the necessary tools and modern techniques to do their job accurately. This includes a clear process for requesting flexible working hours and the ability to track their time, which helps them deliver smooth service in the long run. We can provide full-service home shifting or office shifting on time.

Terms and Conditions:

Customers should also note our terms and conditions along with our policies. Firstly, we provide 24-hour customer service, but packaging and transportation services are provided by the company during working hours. Secondly, we do not take any responsibility for the movement of jewellery and dangerous goods, so there is no insurance service for the movement of all these goods; they are to be moved by the customers at their own risk.

About Us

Our moving and shifting company is established to provide clients best packing and moving or relocation services in low costs. We are dedicated to make the process of transportation easier, budget friendly and full of comfort.It is necessary to do proper research before hiring any movers and packers.

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